Wearable Technology

Celebrities and Fashion designers are using wearable technology like light infused clothing and also performance technology. With the rise in technology today, you would expect to see such things like this. It has also become very popular in the “rave” scene we hear a lot about today. Advances in technology and music lead to fashion changes, especially when considering wearable technology. Those who wear it wish to stand out in a crowd and make a statement.” But the “Look at me, I’m electric!” appeal of wearable technology could prove far more lucrative than acting as a mere vehicle for its attention-hungry wearer. Surely it will only be a matter of time before arriving at the Oscars with your latest movie trailer playing on a loop across your chest maximises box-office longevity.”(Bergin. 2010) This quote holds true to the well-known bazarr fashion icon Katy Perry. She sported a technologically inspired dress that lit up on the red carpet along with her date that wore an electric bow. If that doesn’t say look at me, then im not sure what does.


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