Eco-friendly Fashion



With environmental problems arising everyday, it is important as a retailer and a customer to pay attention to eco friendly fashions. Some may feel as though this is not an important aspect of fashion, but many would like to disagree on behalf of saving our planet for future generations. Not only are retailers and consumer paying attention to this environmentally friendly trend, but top designers in the industry are as well. Eco-friendly fashion is, whether we like it or not, completely necessary for our environment and well being of our society. Designers such as Richie Rich are paying attention to environmentally friendly fabrics. “It’s definitely something we’re going to continue toying with,” Rich told reporters. “People often perceive the fashion world as superficial, so it’s great to work with materials that are actually good for the environment. I had my doubts, but when we actually saw the fabric swatches we were blown away. They were gorgeous, and it wasn’t hard to design with them.”(E/The Environmental Magazine)  Although some may worry of decreasing value may arise in consumers, many consumers are moving foward with eco-friendly fashion. Many even seek companies that take effort towards keeping the environment safe. With the internet and media, consumers can research and decide if they like the way a company operates when it comes to eco-friendly fashion. “Today more consumers than ever are making a conscious effort to buy environmentally-friendly products, including organic food, home-ware and clothes. Eco-friendly fashion is one of the biggest trends of the decade. The craze toward manufacturing, designing and buying green fashion has been growing in recent years, giving consumers a greater choice of sustainable clothing.” (28 Dec 2011 Rebecca D’ Souza)


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